About Toyota Loves Trump

Toyota Loves Trump is a California-based environmental-justice campaign. We oppose Toyota helping Trump overturn our hard won environmental standards. If Toyota and Trump are to succeed in stripping key emission and environmental protections from our laws, we will be less healthy, emit more carbon, and stay dependent on fossil fuels.

We are kicking off this campaign in San Diego. This President’s Day, Activist San Diego will deliver the first protest action at a Toyota Dealership. ASD believes Toyota’s actions are damaging to all San Diegans, particularly our most vulnerable neighbors.

We are also appalled how Toyota came to this decision. It’s gross.

For almost fifty-years, California has had Congressionally-approved power to set smog standards. These standards help keep the most populous state in the country cleaner and healthier.

Trump is trying to undo it.

Toyota is complicit in this scheme, and shareholders and executives should be held accountable.

We are encouraging all local organizations committed to social justice, good environmental stewardship, and the well being of their neighbors to tell all their friends that Toyota Loves Trump.

We aim to locally link the brand Toyota to Trump. For a company that presents as environmentally friendly, we want every liberal, progressive, and moderate person to know that when they buy a Prius, they’re supporting Trump.

We hope to educate, protest, pressure, and spread our message to other communities. We hope it scales nationwide. We insist that Toyota decides to put principles over profits and drop the suit.

As San Diegans, we will never forgive the Spanos family. El Cajon will always be home to the world’s first styrofoam jail. And by the time we’re done, Toyota will forever love on Trump.

If you’d like to learn more about us and our plans, go here. If you’d like to contact us, do it at bottom of the page. We’ll send you our digital guerrilla press kit full of sticker and stencil graphics, fliers, and fact sheets on *specific* to your zip code Toyota dealers. These include campaign contributions and other public shows of support for the Trump administration and its policies. And if you’re skeptical, more power to you. Run the terms “California Trump Toyota” through a search engine and see for yourselves.

But more than anything, tell everyone you know that Toyota Loves Trump.