TOYOTA LOVES TRUMP is Hitting the Streets!

Activist San Diego’s first environmental justice campaign of 2020 has been launched, and now we’re gearing up to hit the streets!

We’re holding a rally on Saturday, February 29th at 10 am. We are inviting all San Diegans who care about clean air, healthy bodies, and freedom from fossil fuels to come to Lemon Grove and rally. We’re protesting Toyota’s recent decision to join the Trump administration and sue California. Toyota and Trump want to overturn our state’s hard-earned emission laws. For more background and info about our campaign, go here

Toyota management wants to put their profit above our health. We must let them know this is unacceptable. It is especially egregious because the company has fronted like they care about the environment. But you can’t care about the environment when you love Trump. 

Where: We’re meeting at 7065 Broadway, Lemon Grove CA 91942

When: Meet at 9:30 am Saturday – March begins at 10 am to Larry Miller Toyota. 

Who: Anyone who cares about our environment and opposes Trump’s disastrous policies. 

How: A short march from the abandoned social services building in Lemon Grove to the Larry Miller Toyota. We will protest for a duration, then hear from three featured speakers. For most of us, we’ll then go back to our parking lot, discuss next steps, and listen to feedback. 

Why: Because if Toyota and Trump won’t stand for a better environment, we will. 

For more information (including press inquiries), please use the contact form below. We’ll reply right away. Hope to see you there!

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