Q: Okay, what’s going on? Why are you saying “Toyota Loves Trump?” 

A: Well, for a long time Toyota seemed to care about the environment. They built fuel efficient cars early and often. They invented the Prius. They even worked with California to help set new emission laws. When they opened up new dealerships, they talked about sustainability, our environment, and our health.

But then came Donald Trump. He became the President, and Toyota fell in love. The company has used Trump’s dumpster fire environmental policies to advance Toyota’s bottom line. And we suffer. 

Now this “environmental company” has joined Trump to sue the state of California. Toyota’s trying to tell us that we should be less healthy, that we should emit more carbon, and that we should be more dependent on fossil fuels. And Toyota is doing this so they can make more money. 

We just can’t abide. 

So if they’re going to enable Trump, we’re going to call those lovebirds out. 

Q: Who are you?

A: We’re Activist San Diego, along with any other groups or individuals who want to get active. Legit – if you are interested in starting a Toyota Loves Trump campaign, join us below. 

Q: But why would I wanna get involved?

A: As environmental justice advocates, Activist San Diego believes that sustained local campaigning across the world is the only way to create this change. But as a group of folks living in San Diego with regular jobs and ordinary lives, we can’t tell the rest of the world what to do. 

But in our community we can decide to take action. We hope you do too. 

To that end, we’re targeting Toyota dealerships. This is our first campaign of 2020.

We have no idea if it will work, but we’re going to try. We see with clear eyes that this is a David vs. Goliath battle. But our goal is to educate our dealerships about Toyota’s lawsuit against California.

We’re going to ask them to sign a letter to Toyota asking the company to drop its lawsuit. We are asking them to support California’s clean air standards. If they decide not to stand up for clean air, healthy bodies, and economic independence, we’re going to protest. And we’re going to protest hard. Because we recognize that we can only fight injustice if we stay active.

We choose to be active with the companies and individuals who enable Trump and his disastrous environmental and racial justice policies. 

We owe it to ourselves, our neighbors, and our community. And if you feel the same, contact us below. 

Q: That sounds cool, but why Toyota?

A: There’s a couple reasons for that. 

First, Toyota has betrayed many of us personally. We supported the company. Some of us loved the Prius. Some bought them and plastered them with bumper stickers.

To know that Toyota pretends to care about the environment, while the company gets in bed with the Trump administration, well… it’s shocking. It hurts. 

The second reason is that dealerships can be swayed by direct action at the local level. Dealerships are independent, local businesses. They can choose to act independently. They can choose to oppose this lawsuit.

Our hope is others get the word out in other areas, and we hit the critical mass it takes to affect change.

Q: Okay, so why “Toyota Loves Trump?”

A: We picked this campaign slogan for three reasons. 

One, Prius owners hate it when they find out Toyota supports Trump. Just look at this poll. 

Two, we think this will get under Toyota’s skin. Mainly because Toyota wants younger customers, and potential younger customers can’t stand Trump

Three, because it’s true. Just look at 2018, when the company overwhelmingly gave to anti-environmentalist candidates.

“Toyota Loves Trump.” Go tell all your friends. 

Q: So, I wanna get involved. What can I do?

A: Fill out below, we’ll get right back to you, and tell all your friends: TOYOTA LOVES TRUMP.