Our Letter to the Dealers

Dear Toyota Dealer,

We are urgently writing to ask for your support in opposing a major environmental decision by Toyota’s North America headquarters to sue California over the state’s emission laws. We believe — based on all available science data — that this decision will further damage our environment, create health problems for all Californians, and increase our reliance on oil-rich countries such as Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. 

When Toyota decided to support President Trump’s lawsuit against California’s emission standards, the car company decided to endorse these outcomes. Whatever the reason for that decision, it is not acceptable to us or our communities. It is our hope that this letter will help you understand our deep concerns with this decision, and persuade you to urge Toyota to drop their support as a public service to the customers – and potential customers – you serve. 

The emission standards that the Trump administration opposes came after years of negotiation between our state, Toyota (and other car companies), and the Obama administration. These standards are a key component of reversing rising carbon levels in our atmosphere. They are instrumental in helping keep air clean. They are essential in reducing the threat of climate change. And they will increase our ability to break free of despotic governments who control much of the world’s oil supply.

With this in mind, we are asking you to send a letter to your contact within Toyota North America and ask them to drop its support of the Trump administration’s assault on our environment and health. Such a letter, to come from authorized Toyota dealers such as yourself, will hopefully convince the company to change direction and embrace a future where environmental and health concerns do not fall victim to short-term politics and financial gain. 

We are enclosing news articles and published materials for you to review, so you can draw your own conclusions. We are also enclosing documentation from Toyota to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2010 that endorses these emission standards. We encourage you to review these documents, and, if you agree that this is the wrong direction for your community, your country, and your company, directly contact our program coordinator for further civil discussion about this matter. His number and email are listed below. 

Thank you so much for consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you. 


Activist San Diego