Time for Action

After a week of making signs, getting the word out, and organizing logistics, San Diego 350 and Activist San Diego are taking action.

San Diego 350 and Activist San Diego members designing large banners for our protest to be held on Saturday, Feb 29th at the Larry Miller Toyota facility in Lemon Grove.

And if you, like us, are concerned about our public health and environment we want you to join us.

Read our press release below for more details, and call or email the numbers if you have questions. We can’t wait to see you Saturday, Feb 29th at 9:30 a.m. in Lemon Grove!

For Immediate Release

Major Protest of Toyota and President Trump’s Environmental Policies to Be Held Saturday in Lemon Grove

Action organized by San Diego 350 and Activist San Diego

(LEMON GROVE) – This Saturday at 9:30 a.m., activists will be in Lemon Grove to protest Toyota’s lawsuit against California, which will roll back auto emissions and public health standards. Toyota and other automakers filed the suit to support the Trump Administration’s attack on California’s environmental and public health laws.

This action is aimed to highlight Toyota’s public duplicity. Toyota has long positioned itself as the environmental car company with products like the Prius and Rav 4 hybrids. But the lawsuit shows when push comes to shove, Toyota Loves Trump. As Toyota dealerships prepare for their annual Spring sales, we are going to inform potential customers that their dollars will be used to fund anti-California rules that will have a disastrous effect on our environment and public health. 

We have selected Lemon Grove as our first action because it is a diverse, working class community, and one that will be disproportionately impacted by any environmental or public health rollback. 

For those who wish to join the protest, please contact Activist San Diego Board Member John Sepulvado at 619 439 8342 or email him at jsepulvado@gmail.com. You can also learn about the action by going to ToyotaLovesTrump.com.

For members of the media, we will have spokespeople who can convey our concerns to your audience. There will be many photo and audio assets ready for the march as well. These include large signs, fliers, fact sheets, and a brass quintet that will play funeral songs outside of the Larry Miller Toyota dealership to mourn the loss of Toyota’s environmental bonafides. The action will last about an hour and a half, and will culminate with the delivery of a letter urging Larry Miller to tell Toyota to drop the suit. This will be the second letter we will have delivered to the dealership. We will continue to protest Larry Miller until they respond to our request, as well as other Toyota dealerships in San Diego County. 

A rundown of the information is available below: 

Where: We’re meeting at 7065 Broadway, Lemon Grove CA 91942

When: Meet at 9:30 am Saturday – March begins at 10 am to Larry Miller Toyota.

Who: Anyone who cares about our environment and opposes Trump’s disastrous policies.

Why: Because if Toyota and Trump won’t stand for a better environment, we will.


TOYOTA LOVES TRUMP is Hitting the Streets!

Activist San Diego’s first environmental justice campaign of 2020 has been launched, and now we’re gearing up to hit the streets!

We’re holding a rally on Saturday, February 29th at 10 am. We are inviting all San Diegans who care about clean air, healthy bodies, and freedom from fossil fuels to come to Lemon Grove and rally. We’re protesting Toyota’s recent decision to join the Trump administration and sue California. Toyota and Trump want to overturn our state’s hard-earned emission laws. For more background and info about our campaign, go here

Toyota management wants to put their profit above our health. We must let them know this is unacceptable. It is especially egregious because the company has fronted like they care about the environment. But you can’t care about the environment when you love Trump. 

Where: We’re meeting at 7065 Broadway, Lemon Grove CA 91942

When: Meet at 9:30 am Saturday – March begins at 10 am to Larry Miller Toyota. 

Who: Anyone who cares about our environment and opposes Trump’s disastrous policies. 

How: A short march from the abandoned social services building in Lemon Grove to the Larry Miller Toyota. We will protest for a duration, then hear from three featured speakers. For most of us, we’ll then go back to our parking lot, discuss next steps, and listen to feedback. 

Why: Because if Toyota and Trump won’t stand for a better environment, we will. 

For more information (including press inquiries), please use the contact form below. We’ll reply right away. Hope to see you there!

First Action: Toyota Loves Trump

Every David vs. Goliath story has gotta start somewhere.

This past President’s Day, Activist San Diego delivered our first letter to a local Toyota dealership as part of our “Toyota Loves Trump” campaign.

ASD Board Members Setche, John, Martin, “East Coast,” and Casey (not pictured) delivered a letter to Larry Miller Toyota in Lemon Grove. We asked the dealership to oppose Toyota and Trump’s attack on California’s clean air laws.

We asked Gail Miller – who owns Larry Miller Toyota in Lemon Grove – to support our cause. We hope that she will stand for clean air, healthy bodies, and economic independence. We hope that she will stand against Toyota North America and the Trump administration.

We are giving Ms. Miller a week to respond and tell us where she stands. We’ll be delivering letters to all Toyota dealerships across San Diego County over the next two weeks. Our message is simple: Stand for clean air, healthy bodies, , or we will forever tie your local dealership to the Trump brand.

If you want to help, or start your own campaign in your local area, contact us here. And if you want to learn why “Toyota Loves Trump,” here is a great independent article explaining how Toyota went from environmentally conscious to corporate cronies for the Trump administration.