Who We Are and What We're About


You might be wondering “who’s running this site?” Maybe you’re also wondering why Toyota Loves Trump? Here’s a little bit about us and why we built this site.

We are Activist San Diego. And this is our first campaign of 2020. Our plan is to go to local Toyota dealerships here in San Diego. We’re going to let them know that Toyota’s corporate leadership decided to join the Trump administration and sue California. Toyota and Trump oppose California’s emission laws.

Activist San Diego supports healthy bodies, clean skies, and economic independence. Those emission laws help achieve those goals. Toyota is opposing those goals.

We’re going to take action, and we’re going to do it locally. It’s our hope other groups in other areas take action in their neighborhoods. Both in California, and in the other states across the country Toyota and Trump are trying to hurt.

After we talk to the dealers, we’re going to ask them to sign a letter. These letters will be sent to Toyota’s North American corporate office. Our hope is this local campaign will – alongside a broader effort to educate Toyota officials — help the company’s leadership changes their minds.

We don’t expect Toyota to join Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, and other car companies that support healthy bodies, cleaner skies, and economic independence.

But at the very least, Toyota could chill a bit and not wreck it for the rest of us.

We hope our local dealers will support healthy bodies, clean air, and economic independence.

We’re also going to let everyone in our communities know that Toyota Loves Trump. We’ll do this on the ground, on-air, and online until the suit is dropped.

We’re not calling for a boycott, and we’re not shaming people who have bought a Toyota. We have too. Our friends and family have. And when we tell them that Toyota Loves Trump, they get upset.

And the data shows other customers will too. We believe that once customers know Toyota Loves Trump local sales will fall.

We’re also going to pay particular attention to getting the word out at skateparks. Or Trader Joe’s. Bars and bookstores. Any place where you can find people 18-40, we’ll be there.

Toyota’s worried about losing those future customers. It’s why the company is doing this, this, and this. Of course, Toyota has been doing this since at least 2007.

We’re hoping it’s a good strategy. Honestly though, 🤷🏽‍♂️. But as people who care about ourselves and others, we have to try.

If you want to know more, do more, and get active in your neighborhood, let us know. And watch this space. We’re going to be active.